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California Leash Law

dog attack,dog bite,Dog Bites & Injuries | December 19, 2019

Every day, someone suffers catastrophic injuries in a dog attack. Dogs running loose or at large contribute to many of these severe and sometimes deadly incidents. In California, it is every pet owner’s legal responsibility to obey leash laws in public places. Otherwise, the dog owner could be responsible and held liable for what his…

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Can you prevent dog bites in California?

dog bite,Our Blog | October 23, 2014

No one wants to be bitten by a dog, and there are some things that you can do in California to keep this from happening. For example, you may want to read up on different breeds and their temperaments when you are trying to decide what dog to get as a family pet. You can…

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Vicious dogs and the impact of an attack

dog bite,Our Blog | October 3, 2014

The majority of dogs are not vicious at all, which is why people love to keep them as household pets as they have for centuries. However, there are always outliers. It is important to know when a dog is considered to be vicious and what can be done about it. In California, a dog that…

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What should Californians do if bitten by a dog?

compensation,dog bite,Our Blog | August 30, 2014

When most Californians are bitten by a dog they don’t know, their chief concern is contracting rabies. It’s important to remember that, according to the California Department of Public Health, only 3 percent of animal rabies cases occur from bites by domestic animals. Most people who get rabies are bitten or scratched by a wild…

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Important dog bite facts Californians should know

dog bite,Our Blog,pit bull | August 17, 2014

Dogs. Often considered to be man’s best friend, these muscular, four-legged animals can quickly turn into man’s worst nightmare given the right — or wrong — circumstances. While a number of breeds are considered more aggressive or dangerous than others — pit bulls and rottweilers taking the top two slots — any breed of dog…

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How to know when a dog might attack, and what to do after

dog bite,Our Blog | June 19, 2014

Dog attacks are all too common in California, especially involving young children. The physical and psychological damage caused by dog bites and attacks can be very serious. In fact, roughly 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States each year, and about 20 percent of these attacks require medical treatment. In order to help…

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Cat to the rescue in vicious California dog attack

dog bite,Our Blog | May 15, 2014

This week, a video showing a cat saving a 4-year-old California boy from a vicious dog attack went viral. The video shows the 4-year-old riding his bike outside of his Bakersfield home when the neighbor’s dog snuck up from behind and attacked the boy’s left leg. Within seconds, the boy’s family cat came to the…

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What to do after a dog attack in California

dog bite,Our Blog | April 22, 2014

Animal attacks are more common in California and the rest of the United States than we would like to think. A dog bite or attack can not only be extremely traumatic for a child or adult, it can also lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages and other costs. For that reason, many individuals who…

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